Dental Procedures

Pet Care Center cares greatly about our patients’ dental health. During your pet’s exam, our doctors examine your pet’s teeth and gum line and give advice on their dental health. We recommend a yearly cleaning once the animal reaches an adult age. Some pets require bi-annual exams and cleanings depending on severity. Dental disease is common among cats and dogs, and is, in fact, the most common disease found in pets. A majority of all adult pets have some form of periodontal or dental disease. Most pets will show few signs of dental decay, which makes it important for the pet’s veterinarian to catch this hidden disease as early as possible.

Prior to your pet receiving a dental cleaning at Pet Care Center, your veterinarian will run lab work ensuring your pet is in good health in order to be placed under anesthesia. The liver and kidneys are the major filter organs and must be properly functioning to help clear the drugs used from the system. The lab work will assess these and other organs. During the procedure, an ultrasonic dental scaler is used to clean the teeth. This device is very much the same as those used when we have our teeth cleaned. The teeth are polished and the entire mouth is treated with antibiotic rinse and fluoride. All pets are kept in ICU during recovery until they are dismissed in the late afternoon. Pet owners are given discharge instructions as well as oral cavity care recommendations for preventative maintenance.